Frist Aid or Home Treatment For Dog Bite

Dog biteDog is a domestic animal.Many people look after dog for their hobby. But some time dogs become crazy and bites the human which is too dangerous for us.For dog bite we are familiar with Anti rabies injection. But we can give some first aid or home treatment which is more helpful for the victims.And also helpful and available to cure the wounds.Professional assistance must be needed but at the same time you have to follow some easiest way to remove the venom/poison from affected area.

To remove the venom/poison from the affected area you can follow some easiest way :

*At first wash the affected area with hot water and clean the area using shop. Proper washing can remove the saliva which can prevent further infections.You can use cold water also and use sterilize gauze into affected area.

*People believed and scientifically proved that garlic is a natural antibiotic and useable for dog bite. Consume a few calves of garlic regular trice a day and until the injured is cured.

* Burdock also recommended for removing the venom from your body that was caused by dog bite.

* Crush the cumin seeds [two asp] along with water & 20 pack black pepper corns. Speared the mixture into the affected area.Cumin also help to out toxic from the body which inserted from bite.

* Crush walnuts and take equal quantity of onion with salt & honey. Now apply the mixture into affected area.

* Experts believed that vitamin B can produce antibiotic & vitamin C can protect the affected area and supports the victim.

We like dog, but some time it's bites may be too dangerous for human. Even victim can be died. So try to avoid the crazy dog and keep safety your children. Remember home treatment is not enough you should go to doctor.

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